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What is Strive Flink?

Strive Flink is a technology that helps large-scale broadcasting companies to overcome the challenges of reliable live video delivery. To achieve this goal, Flink is used to building a distributed delivery network between connected devices that watch a stream simultaneously. This Peer-To-Peer network is then used to share video content between all viewers and build an ad hoc video delivery network of unlimited scale and capacity. Flink also comes with a "Network Management" service.
This cloud-service architecture dynamically connects devices based on network and peer information. The network manager then instructs peers to share content among each other, creating a zero-overhead and zero-delay delivery network on top of the existing (multi-)CDN infrastructure.

Flink is used by broadcasting companies around the world to reduce their CDN expenses by 70% on average and 90% at peak times. At the same time, Flink increases user session time due to 20% higher bitrates and 30% less rebuffering.

With a 7-year development history, Flink is the most advanced service on the market and takes media delivery to the next level.