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Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings allow you to edit more tech-related options of your optimized stream. This includes two important features: Fast Tracker and Fast Recovery.



You can choose the region where you expect the most viewers in.


For debugging purposes you can activate console logs for our integration code.

Fast Tracker

The Fast Tracker option will allow you to save even more CDN traffic by deactivating our built-in stream hijacking protection. With this option enabled our service will only fetch HEAD Requests from your CDN in order to calculate the best possible distribution. This disables cryptographic signing of the distributed packets between the viewer's devices and can therefore no longer lead to stream hijacking being rejected by our site.

Fast Recovery

Fast Recovery optimizes the recovery process in case the viewer's devices can't share traffic between themself any more. This feature requires batch range requests at the side of the CDN that delivers your video data.

Allowed Domains

This option give's you the possibility to only allow a few domains to use your stream optimization.

Allowed Paths

Further specify allowed resources.

Fetch Header

For our P2P system to work it has to "watch". However, it must not only be treated as a normal user but also as a server. This can be done via fetch header.

If a live stream is available for example by geo-blocking only in a certain country and our server stands in a nearby country, by using a Fetch Header there will be an exception for this single "viewer". This guarantees that our service will continue to function perfectly.

DNS Resolvers

If our server has to avoid geo-blocking and you don't want to use fetch headers, it's also possible via DNS Resolvers. It translates HTTP requests into IP addresses. Thus, the problem described above can also be solved.