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Create a Stream

Create a stream: Just give your stream a name and copy the URL of your HLS (.m3u8) playlist to connect Strive Flink to your live stream. If you have an ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) playlist, simply enter the URL of the master playlist.

Click the "Validate" button to see if your stream is ready to go live.

Playlist Validation

The following points must be fulfilled for a playlist to be valid for Flink:

Option Description
Access The playlist has to be accessible.
CORS Cross Origin Resource Sharing Headers (CORS) must be configured correctly to get validated.
Live The URL of the playlist must lead to a live playlist.
Cache The playlist must have a static URL to be cachable.
Fast Recovery Checks if multi range requests work.
Fast Tracker Checks if information can be read from the header instead of sending a get request.

If your playlist is valid click the "Connect" Button to continue.

If you want to know more about the Integration documentation check out this page.

Advanced Settings

If you have multiple streams with similar URL patterns you can also create an advanced stream using allowed domain patterns and allowed path pattern. The allowed path pattern is optional.

For instance, the following URLs match the domain pattern and path pattern /path/to.