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The Flink overview shows you live statistics of your streams, lists all streams clearly and offers the option to create new streams.

The number of streams you can create depends on your subscription. if you want to know how to manage your subscriptions, just check out this article.



The overview show you following statistics:

Option Description
Free View Hours Used Shows you how many of your free view hours you already used. The number of free hours depends on the product purchased.
View Hour Overage Shows you the overage view hours.
View Hours Current Month Displays the sum of all view hours of the current month.
View Hours Last 24 Hours Displays the sum of all view hours of the last 24 hours as absolute value as well as live animated graphics.

All Streams

All your streams are listed here. You can see the Name, URL, enabled status (true or false) and options (Reporting, Edit & Delete) for every single stream you created.

Click the "Create Stream" button if you want add another stream. You'll be redirected to the Create Stream page.


Clicking this button leads you to the Reporting page.


If you click the Edit option you'll be redirected to the "Managing your Streams" page. At the top of the page you can go back to the reporting page or delete the playlist via button click. Below are the Overview, Integration and Settings.


The Overview shows you the current viewers, the current bandwidth in bytes/sec and the current percentage saving rate of the corresponding playlist.


There are three ways to integrate your playlist while using Flink:

Option Description
iFrame If you don't have a player already, you can just embed our player instead by copying the iFrame. (Recommended)
Script If you already have a custom player just copy the activation code to the beginning of your website's <head></head> tag.
Link If you don't even have a website just use the link for viewers. A responsive HTML5 player with Flink is already integrated.


Enable or disable your playlist, change the name or add an optional description if you wish to. If you want to know more about the advanced settings check out this page.