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You can analyze the performance of your stream from here.

We are tracking:

  • the average savings rate,
  • the average number of viewers,
  • the total Peer2Peer traffic,
  • the average cluster size,
  • the traffic distribution between P2P, shared CDN, CDN only and recovery
  • as well as savings rate, the number of viewers, Peer2Peer traffic and cluster size over a certain period of time.


Choose Reporting Parameters

You have a wide range of options for creating statistics.

Select Stream

With the first input, you can select the stream for which you want to use your metrics. You can select a specific stream or receive reporting on all streams.


After selecting the stream, you can specify the time period for which you want to create your reports. There are a few useful periods that we provide predefined for you, e.g. the current month. You can also query a custom-defined range of reports.

Custom Interval

This is the most advanced version of reporting. Once you have selected Custom Interval, you can specify a starting timestamp and an ending timestamp. For this interval, you can then select the resolution of the reports as well as a time zone for formatting.

Reporting in Detail

We will now explain every possible reporting metric. The first four metrics are counted or averaged over the selected reporting period. All graphics show detailed information about the selected period in relation to time.

Average Savings Rate

The Average Savings Rate describes how much traffic is offloaded your CDN and provided via our Peer2Peer network. If your CDN price is based on data traffic, this metric basically tells you how much of your CDN costs are saved using Strive.

Average Number Of Viewers

This is the average number of viewers your Strive stream had in the selected time period.

Total P2P Traffic

The traffic sent by Peer2Peer no longer has to be transmitted through your CDN and is saved. You can use this metric to double check the prices of your CDN.

Average Cluster Size

The users in our network are clustered in groups of up to 10. The devices in a group share their traffic. Cluster sizes of 2 users halve the data traffic and are therefore efficient. Peak performance is achieved at 10, allowing savings of up to 90 %.

Time Traffic Composition Graph

This is the most important metric. Here you can see a detailed network analysis. In the best case, the entire graphic appears green and to a small extent light blue. This means that your stream works perfectly with Flink and you save a lot of CDN traffic.

Time Metrics Graph

These are the above numbers with correlation to time.