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Subscription Management

In the Subscriptions section you will see your current and past subscriptions to our service. Subscriptions define which parts of your service you are able to use. There are three major options:

  • Basic
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Each one can be purchased monthly or with a discount yearly.


Current Subscriptions

For each of your subscriptions you will see:

Option Description
Status Shows you if this plan is a trial, active, paused or expired.
Started Shows the date on which the plan was started.
Expired Shows the date on which the plan has expired, if not still active.
Product The product purchased is displayed here.
Description Here are some short details to the corresponding plan.


The "Upgrade" Button leads you to our product list. You can choose between three products on a monthly or yearly basis. New subscriptions are added to your account immediately.


These are our products:

Product Features Monthly Pricing Monthly Pricing (yearly subscription)
Flink Basic - Traffic Flatrate
- 1 Live Stream included
- Up to 1000 concurrent viewers
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Online Support
- Real Time Analytics
- Hijacking Protection
$150 $120
Flink Business - Traffic Flatrate
- 10 Live Stream included
- Up to 5000 concurrent viewers
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Real Time Support
- Advanced Reporting
- Region Optimization
$500 $400
Flink Enterprise - Traffic Flatrate
- 100 Live Stream included
- Up to 25000 concurrent viewers
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Dedicated Support
- API Access
- Deep System Configuration
$2250 $1800