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What you will find here

StriveCDN Playout Docs gives you a deep insight into the implementation of our technology and the usage of our Dashboard . In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions and provide information about Strive and the development of our products. Is there a question we don't answer? Feel free to contact us via email.

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Playout FAQ's

Dashboard overview

How to create a channel?


We keeping you up to date with our newest developments and improvements in terms of our product and platform

June 17th: Re-Publishing to any platform. Use Playout channels to push your video signals to multiple sources at the same time. Playout supports all RTMP based platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and many more!

June 7th: Re-Streaming from an existing live source. You can now connect any video source (HLS, MPEG-Dash or static video files) to Playout channels. The channel will then fetch the content and re-stream it via the Playout network.

April 10th: Launch of StriveCDN Playout.

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Stay informed about our latest projects and features, which will be available soon.

We are working with highspeed to support native Android or iOS applications and React-Native applications

If you want to have a current status, just write us and we will give you a more detailed timeline.