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Every detail for a single channel like a view hour graph, recordings options, integration and settings are available here.




Open Broadcast Software

Encoders like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) require the input to be split up into URL and Stream Key. You can copy the URL and the Copy Stream Key via button click to your clipboard.

Custom RTMP Encoder

If you use a custom RTMP Encoder just copy the RTMP URL and use it.


Playout offers you three ways to integrate your stream. It's possible via Direct Link, Embedded HTML5 Player and Playlist URL.

If you don't have a website or player already just send the system-generated link to your viewers. A responsive HTML5 Video Player is already there! It is the easiest way to use Playout and is recommended by us. Just click the "Copy Link" button to copy the link to the clipboard.

Embedded HTML5 Player

If you have your own website but don't use a HTML5 Video Player yourself just copy one line of code to embed your channel with a responsive HTML5 Player onto your website. This one line of code can be copied to the clipboard with a button click.

Playlist URL

If you are a Playout Pro or Enterprise customer and you have your own player already, there is also the option to use a playlist URL. Just use our HLS playlist URL and put it in your player configuration. The playlist link can also be copied to the clipboard by clicking the "Copy Playlist URL" button.


Publish your channel to YouTube, Facebook or any other platform which supports RTMP ingest.


The following settings are possible for a channel:

Option Description
Online Setting your channel online means that viewers can watch your live stream if they have access.
Time Shift If enabled, viewers have the option to seek back up to one hour during your live stream.
Audio Only If enabled, your viewers will only hear but not see the live content you are streaming.
Name Change the channel name if you please to.
Description Change the channel description if you please to.


Displays your channel as seen by your viewers.


The graph displays your consumed view ours with correlation to time.


Click the "Start Recording" to start your stream. After you finish recording, the video can be saved as an .mp4 file.