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All your channels are listed here. You can create new ones, modify existing or delete them.

Depending on the plan purchased, a corresponding number of channels can be created simultaneously. You can't create any more channels? Upgrade your plan.


Channel Information

Online Status

This feature shows you if your channel is online or not.


The Channel name is displayed here. If you click the link you'll be redirected to the channel details.


The region you selected for your channel is shown here.

Possible regions are: Amsterdam, Bangalore, Frankfurt, London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto.

Transcoded Status

If your channel is transcoded or not is displayed here. Our transcoding provides three different quality levels.


The current status of your channel can be either deploying or running and is displayed here. If your channel is deploying for more than a few minutes feel free to contact us.

Consumed View Hours

Here you can see the consumed view hours of your corresponding channel for the last 24 hours.


You have the following options for your channel:

  • Reporting: This feature is coming soon!
  • Edit: You will be redirected to channel details.
  • Delete: If you want to delete your channel you can do so here.

Create Channel

The Create Channel button redirects you to the create channel page if your plan allows you to create additional channels to the currently running channels. Otherwise you will be redirected to the upgrade page.