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The number of channels you can create depends on your subscription if you want to know how to manage your subscriptions, just check out this article.



This is your channel's performances tracked. You can see various metrics and create new channels from here on.

Free View Hours Used

This field shows you how many view hours are included in your subscription and how many of those you have already used. The Playout Starter Plan includes 10 free view hours for testing purposes. if you want to know more about the number of view hours of our paid Playout plans, click here.

View Hour Overage

The View Hour Overage describes how many more view hours you have used after using the included ones. overage is disabled for the Playout Starter plan. All the paid Playout plans have overage included. This prevents your channel from shutting down when the included view hours are used up.

View Hours Current Month

This field shows to you how many view hours you have used in the current month.

View Hours Last 24 Hours

This field shows to you how many view hours you have used in the last 24 hours. The graph below even shows the distribution of these used view hours for the last 24 hours.

Channels List

Below your channel statistics, you will find a list of your created channels.

For each channel you can see:

  • if the channel is online and accessible
  • the name you gave the channel
  • the region, where your ingest and transcoding server are located
  • if transcoding is enabled for the channel (this is not the case if you are only subscribed to our Playout Starter plan).
  • the status of your channel. After creating your channel, it will be displayed as 'Deploying' for about two minutes. When the badge switches to 'Ready' your channel can deliver your input.
  • the consumed view hours by that channel in the last 24 hours. At the metrics section you can see your overall used view hours, here you will find those split up per channel.
  • option buttons to edit or delete the channel.